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How much do supplements really help?

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Presently I have been using a standard feeding schedule using Gh flora 3 part series adding a watering with 1tbs of molasses per gallon each week as well as adding superthrive regularly to each feeding ,also my ro distiller has an added 3 in one mineralized filter that adds magnesium calcium and silica to the water and during flower I use a 15-30-15 dry flowering fertilzer all of which I was given for free from a good friend who decided to change to an nutes so he gave me 3 2.5gal jugs of each of the gh flora line 1 gal of superthrive 10lbs of dry 15-30-15 so considering al this I am presently using would there be a significant difference in adding in other supplement to my nutes like floralicious plus and the kool bloom lines that would justify spending the extra cash when I have all this other stuff which so far has given me pot as good as anything I have ever smoked. But if there are any supplements that anyone thinks would be good to add that would be worth the added expense to a guy like me on limited fund please let me know . Oh there was one supplement I was wondering about carboload or sweet stuff like that that adds carbohydrates are they worth using if you already use molasses ?
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