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How Much $$ Does A Bag Cost In Your Neck Of The Woods


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Well I figured that I would ask this ? cuz the prices are outragess for the amount out here. And just too let everyone know, I live in a remote but populated (2500-3000 people) area of Alaska. And the price for weed goes as listed.

Gram- $25
1/8th- $100-125

And not too many people grow out this way..Maybe 4 peeps. 2 that I know of, and thats me and a friend that I set up.But our grow is not for profit...And the people that sell are some sketchy ass motherfuckers and they think there some kinda gangster, they just dont know.

But too get back to the weight of the bags out here.

Gram- maybe between .60 and 1
1/8- 2.5 depends on who ya know
OZ- I will never find out cuz I would never pay a grand for a zip



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Thats harsh man. Im paying 45 for some real nice white widow right now. 8ths are anywhere from 3.5-5.0. The only problem with this shit is if i smoke during the middle of the day i ALWAYS end up passing out.


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I'm not sure how hard it is to come by in your area, but to me it sounds like people are charging more then they should be. I could probably get a quarter pound for close to 1000$ not just 1 ounce!!

New England area-

Beasters (or bud like it)
1/8- 30-40$
Oz.- 220-260$

Dank, Chronic, etc.
Gram- 15-20$
1/8- 60$


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Alright, I know it sounds bad but the only way to get it here is too fly it in or have it sent, which I dont recomend. I have flow with some before and thats all good. There are no roads out or in!!!!!
Granted it is always the chronic!!!! I have never came across any shwagg in alaska.

The prices in the city varies but most of the time an 1/8 is about 45 and zips are anywhere from 275-350 and thats for the dank nuggs. Like I said before all the weed in AK is chronic

But the thing is, living in rural AK is that the prices go up depending on where yer at..And for the most part ya get what ya can, and people always buy it no matter what the price or the weight, and that really sucks


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I'm sorry, I didn't realize you lived in Alaska. I thought stickyAKbud meant AK-47, not Alaska. :laugh2: My fault.

I'm not sure how easy it would be to get there because of international boarders. Anyway, then those prices might well be reasonable.


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The homies I know... prices go as.

Northern Cali

Homies price.

$10 - 1.0g - buy 2g's and get 2.4g's for $20.

Usually dont buy 1/8ths because a half OZ will cost you about $100 - a full zip will run you anywhere between $180-220.

We do however have the occasional Dealer who gives you 1.0 for $20 and $25 sometimes... you should see the prices, when its dry season... LOL!


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I do grow my own, just not for a profit... That might change in the future though, and considering where I am at 100 $ for a bag has been the price long before I got here. I just need to hone my grow exp and I would defenitly be able to put a fair price on some good buds.


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around here it's hard to get nugs or actual.. brand name good weed, but you can get good mid's and stuff, hairs, trichromes and some purple leaves (although i suspect it's just a low temp. )

actually, the only person i know of that grows around here is a friends boyfriend, and he just grows bagseed, but supposedly he's got a good setup, i never get to see it.

he doesn't know how to flush / cure correctly or something, because it always smells unripe and like seaweed, and smokes like it too

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Right now can get some mids-highs for about $25 per 1/8th. A 1/4 about $50 and a half-z for $90. If I want really really good buds then I do the mail order thing from BC and am paying about $15/gram but it's primo stuff.


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I just realized I never actually responded to the thread.
Canadian prices
High grade commercial
40-50/per quarter, 150-160 a Z depending on quality.

I'm very fortunate I've access to exceptional medicinal cannabis, the prices for which varies.

Indoor 8.50-9/gram depending on dispensary and regardless of strain.
Outdoor 5-7/gram (Which is fantastic, as some of the best herb I've smoked was outdoor)
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