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How much humidity is too much?


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stick between 40 - 60 and you will be fine slightly towards the lower side during flowering:goodluck:

I don't know if you can go too much during veg...probably can. I'd say anything over 80% would be too high but I don't know the point at which you'll do damage.

Depending on the type of plant, bushy indica's or non bushy sativa's, you might run into powdery mildew then bud mold which would ruin your harvest later on.

Mine is running high right now and I'm in flower but I think I have a plan for that.

40 to 60 is optimum.



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I know some growers that are doing Large grow ops shot for a steady 80% humidity during Veg. But Like the last few posts said I would probably keep it from 40-60% and then probably around 30% during flowering to prevent any mold issues. The reason you want more humidity during Veg phase is it makes the leaves and plant matter less thin and papery. You will find that plants vegged with low humidity are thin and papery and can be damaged easily, less healthy and stout.


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Thanks guys. I just wasn't sure if 80%+ would have devastating effects or not.


As long as your not getting any mold or mildew on the plants than it will be fine, just keep an eye out for bugs that like high humidity.
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