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How much inside clearance for window AC?


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I'm planning a sealed 8x8' room build with 3 tents. I want to use a window AC but the tents will block the majority of the face of the window. There would be about a 4" gap between the face of the AC and the tent wall, but air will be able to flow up or to one side around the tent. There will be a fan in the room circulating the air through a scrubber, so that should also help mix in the cooled air. Do I have to worry about the tents nearly overlapping the AC and reducing performance?

example diagram:



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Window AC units can range from small to large depending on how many BTU's they're capable of cooling. One 1000w HID produces about 4,000 BTU's of heat without air cooled ventilation. At most I would have 2000w of lighting on at once, so I should be able to get by with a 8,000 BTU AC. An 8,000 BTU AC is rated to cool a 350 sq. ft. space so it should be able to handle the 64 sq. ft. room.

Only thing I'm not sure about is the room's air circulation and temperature balance if the face of the AC is restricted behind the tent. I'm hoping the fan in the room will help circulate the air. Why don't you think it will work?


I just don't think it will be efficient. Maybe just run the ac directly into the tent. I just installed an AC in my room and am expirimenting to get the temps down. I have the AC vented out the window. My neighbor saw me checking out the exhaust. LOL at a window with black out curtain that is facing the street with an AC tube coming out of it. Good thing I'm not doing anything illegal, unless the feds come.

I am unsure how this will stay cool the best, but I shall find out soon. My concern is that the intake for my cabinet is on the bottom corner and it doesn't really get the cold air from the room. I think I need to move it.
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