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How much is too much? :)

Scott Wheelman

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Everyone has different needs and tolerances, so your answer will be varied dependng on who responds.

Sometimes I like to take a few hits and let the buzz set in and enjoy...others I pull bongs hits till I fade to couch-lock and can't grab another hit...but most of the time I tend to "elevate and maintain" the buzz.

As a novice, just take a few hits and see how the buzz develops...might want more or decide it was too strong, and try less the next time.

:goodluck: and :peace:


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When I don't feel any more pain. And with what I smoke, usually 1 hit is all I need. Pends. Some times 2, but not very often. But this took me a few grows to dial in as to what was best for me.


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Haha for me just depends on the mood im in. If im in a good mood and I wanna just enjoy the night, then I get a little buzzed and stay that way. 1 or 2 hits of mids.

If I had a bad day and want to forget about it for a few hours, then I will get high, about 3-4 hits of mids.

And if I want to couch lock full stoney do nothing the rest of the night (rarely), 5+ hits of mids.

Usually though I just take 1-2 hits and maintain a nice buzz. Rarely I want to go past that.
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