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How much light for a 10x10 tent?


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3600 wats would be the least id use thats 36 watts a sq foot can work but around 45 is were most people use 50 watts per sq foot is best more bud wont get little harvest if your gona use that little wattage you would be better off doing a way smaller room you would get more but if you use like 8 600 that would work grate most people put 1000 watts in a 4 by 4 witch is 62 watts a sq foot thats y they get the goods they do good luck man


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Ok so here is my problem i have a 10x10 tent i am putting up and i got a 7' light rail for lighting on e-bay. How much light should i use with the rail?

I was thinking about 3 600W HPS.

Pleas give me advice.

I have a 10x10 room.
I use 2 1kHPS and 2 7 ft movers...only 20w a ft...aprox 28w with movers factored in....the 1st pages of my journal shows what that will do....
I do recomend more light though.....as much as you can afford in electricity,coolinng,heat etc.....
I love 1K in a 4x4 tent...OPTIMUM...


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dude you must be loaded... I can just imagine how expensive your electric bill will turn out.
I pay 27 cents per kw so I did my homework and with the ventilation my bill is going to come out to 40 more dollars a month.. now I can imagine for 3 600 watt lights plus the extra exhaust fans your going to be running for the heat. ching ching $$$$ lol
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