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How much longer?

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Hey, im not shure how long ive been flowering these girls for .. im gonna say around 8 weeks.. When i set it up my dad helped me with the lights.. and he set the lights for 8 hours on and 16 hours off. I wouldnt of set it like that my self but i decided to just leave it to see what happened.?

so i just want to know how much longer you guys think these have left? and would they still flower if i changed the lights to 9 or 10 hours on.?

Ps.. there not the healthiest of plants. :S but this is my first grow so i hope i learn for the future. ..



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Well typically people flower their plants for 12/12 not 8/16. Growing flowers for plants takes a lot of work and food so a decent ammount of photosynthesis is needed. The dark periods need to be undisturbed too. That's when plant's make and use carbohydrated that they have stored.

Were they foliar fed before? The spots on the leaves look like the pH of a foliar feed went too high for the plants.

Also don't count the weeks unless you know when thay are supposed to be done flowering. I myself use a microscope thingy that I bought from an electronics store for like $15 bucks to see when the trics turn color. Harvest when they are milky and amber 50/50 is usually the preferred mix.

Hope that helped.