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How much longer?

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Hey, im not shure how long ive been flowering these girls for .. im gonna say around 8 weeks.. When i set it up my dad helped me with the lights.. and he set the lights for 8 hours on and 16 hours off. I wouldnt of set it like that my self but i decided to just leave it to see what happened.?

so i just want to know how much longer you guys think these have left? and would they still flower if i changed the lights to 9 or 10 hours on.?

Ps.. there not the healthiest of plants. :S but this is my first grow so i hope i learn for the future. ..

:welcome: to 420! You've picked a great forum!

Looks like you may have a slight bit of nute burn indicated by the browning on the tips of the leaves. The short day/long night cycle means that your plants are going to take a fair bit longer to mature than they would have with a standard 12/12 cycle. No way to tell from the pics you posted and lack of an actual start date. The ONLY way you're going to be able to tell when they're ready to harvest is to take pics of the trichomes themselves with a camera capable of macro (super close-up) shots or with a ~30x magnifier be it a jeweler's loupe or a microscope.

Too many factors affect the actual flowering time such as the light cycle, soil condition, strain, and so on. Figuring 8 weeks is roughly typical for an indica plant on a 12/12 cycle but you're running 8/16 (why did he set it for that?!?!??!) I'd say you could be looking at 10-12 weeks or more...but that's purely a guess with no real scientific reasoning behind it other than a light cycle such as that dictates a longer maturation period.

They don't look too unhealthy, mayube a little underwatered in the first pic...watch the nutes though, maybe reduce the dosage a tad as it looks like you may be having some slight nute burn. A little bit isn't a bad thing but you gotta be careful it doesn't turn in to serious excess.

GL! Looking good for your first grow :)
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Hahah cheers:D, my dad is im not shure ,, a hippie grower? he advised me to grow in the bush all natural no nutes haha.. but he knows alot about plants and how they work. so he helps me alot..
Nothing wrong with updating one's knowledge ;) But it is nice to have someone around who knows something about plants even if their methods may be "outdated" or simple. No nutes is just as bad as too many nutes...and if ya don't like chemicals use only organic nutes. If you're worried about them being too strong try Earth Juice's line but you'll need a pH meter and something to raise the pH or your plant will hate you and probably die (a regular dose in distilled water for me drops the pH from ~7.0 to ~3.5!). Milwaukee makes a cheap pH meter...the pH 600, runs about $20 and worth every penny.