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How much to water?


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hi there pepole i was wondering how much shud i be watering my plants can anyone help me . am useing...

11ltr pots

in coco

plants size aprox 17"

3week's old from cuttings

thanks pepole =D


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2/3 organic soil and 1/3 perlite. 4 gal pots. I was giving them 200ml (6.5oz) every couple of days but that didn't seem like enough as the pots always felt light...
so a few days ago I took one to see how much it could hold before it began to run off and it was like 80oz! so i then watered all the rest with with 64oz. they seem to be much happier oh yeah they are a indica dominant strain. on 1.5 wks into veg.
hope this helps. did I see you had a possible spider issue on your thread? if so kill em all and good luck.


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hey guys...I water to about 20% runoff. What I did was when I put the soil in my pots, I lifted them dry to feel about what they would weigh without water.

Then I watered the soil, for a variety of reasons, then felt how heavy they were when watered to runoff.

I go by the weight of the pots. I'm using 3 part soil, FFOF, to 1 part perlite in 3 gallon smart pots.

Hope that helps.

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