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How much trim to use for bubble hash?


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Hey wut up people, I got some 5 gallon bubble bags and already made some hash from trim, but I need to know how much trim I should use for a batch, I put a lot and I think it might b too much. Also if you know any better techniques or info that might help me do better with the bubble bags pls let me know. Thanks a lot!!! :51:


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Re: How much trim to use for bubble hash???

I hear bubble bags are definatly a way to go for some quality hash but there are other pretty good methods out there too. I'm pretty familiar with just pressed kief made from screening leftover trim and what not. to make a resonable amount of bubble hash your going to need 20 grams if not more of trim. the more trim the better.. just make sure you use really cold water and ice and make sure you agitate everything really well so you get the most from your trimmings. :439:
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