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How much water


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I know I have been watering frequently enough because my plants are doing okay. I have then in 5 gal pails filled about 3/4 full with soil. I water them about 4-6 days I have been giving them about a half gallon of water per drink time. I'm starting to think about the roots and how long they are going to be getting should I be giving more water to them to reach roots that might be further down? Is there a standard on how much H2O to give em when they are in 5 gal pails? They are about 4 weeks old. about 18" tall.

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4 weeks old and 18" sounds like you are doing the right thing so far. With regard to your watering regimen, I follow the wet/dry method to ensure I don't drown my roots. One of our grow gurus will give you more precise info on your grow. Good luck.


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Water a little and let it soak in and then water till it runs out the bottom.. you could give as much at that time as you want... just let the soil dry out between waterings... not doing that is when you will run into over watering problems.

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Like moose said what your doing seems to be doing fine. . . some tips with watering. . . let the soil dry out between waterings. . . this not only keeps you from overwatering, but it also causes the roots to go "looking" for water, so they reach towards the bottom. Whatever the amount, the water will reach the lower roots, I saw you had a concern about that. . .another key with watering, once you found a comfortable amount of water for yuor babes. . . give them the same amount everytime you water. MJ likes consistancy. . . If you give them 20 oz, continue to give 20 oz. .

I see your looking for a number for how much, but you see, each growers grow is a little different. . .heat, soil mix. . .etc. . so some grows will consume more or less. . .Your 1/2 gal seems to be fine. . . If your still questioning watering, pick up a $5 moisture meter. . . takes the questioning out of watering. .

Bagz :peace:
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