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How much watt would in need?


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hello fellow growers n smokers jst have a few questions for yous

i have a built in wordrope in my room witch is 1.7 ft(51cm)x 2.8 ft(85cm)x 8ft(243cm) with small air vent at top

i need to now how much light(watt) i would need for this space??

what would be best type to use ??

and best way to keep temps right ??


also i have a 400 watt hps batt wing reflector lying about would it be possible to use thiss i no they get really hot so dont want to jst fling it in ther lol i would also be puttin in a small extractor fan in at the ven with desktop fan blowing uptoward the light do yous think this would be cool enough

any help would be very much appreciated as i cant get to grips with the lighting stuff lol THANKS!! :thumb::high-five:


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re: how much watt would in need?

thanks for the reply hosebomber my ballast is the ILLUMINATOR BALLAST which i dont think you can turn down or i jst dont no how to do it lol also do you think i could use the 400watt as i have one here or do you think it would be to hot in that size of space thanks
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