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How Much Will I Yield?

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Let's start with 1g/Watt

-0.1g/Watt if you don't own, use, and maintain a RO water system
-0.1g/Watt if you don't own, use, and maintain a pH meter
-0.1g/Watt if you don't own, use, and maintain a TDS meter
-0.1g/Watt if you don't own, use, and maintain a thermometer
-0.1g/Watt if you don't research and foliar feed properly
-0.1g/Watt if you don't research and use nutrients properly
-0.1g/Watt if you don't research and use specialized plant training methods properly
-0.1g/Watt if you don't have any experience growing
-0.1g/Watt if you are drunk or stoned while you grow
-0.1g/Watt if YoU TyPe LiKe ThIs And BeLiEvE We NeVeR MaDe It To ThE MoOn

Use the result from above in the following formulas (R = result from above);

Rx0.5 if 1 factor applies
Rx0.4 if 2 factors apply
Rx0.3 if 3 factors apply
Rx0.2 if 4 factors apply
Rx0.1 if 5 factors apply
Rx0.05 if 6 factors apply
Rx0.04 if 7 factors apply
Rx0.03 if 8 factors apply
Rx0.02 if 9 factors apply

If all ten factors apply to you you will produce nothing of value.

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PS this post is full of sarcasm however there may well be a bit of truth to the formula.


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I too have a series of formulae:

1 Indoors, each plant will yield approximately 3 marihuanas
2 For every 400 W/HPS or 300 W actual power draw of LEDs, each square foot should yield approximately 6 handfuls under optimal conditions
3 Every time you make a mistake you lose exactly 1% of your grow, unless it is a big mistake, then you lose more
4 If you are growing Sativa strains, do not smoke any Indica dominant buds while your plants are in flower. This will absolutely destroy the flavor of the bud and possibly cause mold. Indica strains, on the other hand, do not care what kind of smoke it is as long as you blow it on them.


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Hey guys I just want to know If it's possible to get 40 pounds out of my set up 3 gal pots 88 of them feed to wast I tip and am LST with good nuits with 14x1000 gravitas with 45sq meters thanks


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Hey guys I just want to know If it's possible to get 40 pounds out of my set up 3 gal pots 88 of them feed to wast I tip and am LST with good nuits with 14x1000 gravitas with 45sq meters thanks
I'd say 20 - 30 lbs

3 gallon is kind of smallish to veg long enough for that kind of weight.


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Hey guys I just want to know If it's possible to get 40 pounds out of my set up 3 gal pots 88 of them feed to wast I tip and am LST with good nuits with 14x1000 gravitas with 45sq meters thanks
Possible: yes (1.297g/w)
Probable: no (average harvests are in the 0.4 to 0.6g/w range in 5 gallon pots)

I would predict 12.3 to 18.5lbs from your 14000w grow purely on the g/w results I have seen for average grows.

If I factored in the small 3gal pots the results get even smaller, 7.4 to 11.1lbs.

Exceptional growing ability can certainly help you hit the 1.2 to 1.3g/w mark you are looking for, however your limiting yourself by using just 88 plants or 14 lights or 3 gallon pots.

Increase plant numbers, increased yield.
Vertical Screen of Green grows seem to have the very highest yield potential of all methods.

Increase light numbers, increased yield.
(About 55 to 65w/sq-ft is optimal)
(45 -54w/sq-ft is okay)
(30-44w/sq-ft is the bare minimum)

Increase root mass size, increase yield.
Low plant numbers can be offset by huge plants, however huge plants need huge root systems. Huge root systems need room to grow.

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YIELD? Four Autoflower, 2' x 2' x 4.6' tent, 280 actual watt LED, 100 watts of T5's..


New to this site. I have a 2' x 2' x 4.6' tent. I just purchased an LED that will fill the top of my tent with an ACTUAL draw of 280 watts, with 3 watt diodes and proper spectrums for both veg and flower. I am planning to do side lighting with two 2' T5's and two 3' T5's and was also considering putting one or two 100 or 200 watt CFL's on repositional arms for easy movement. I will have the proper ventilation and filtration. It will be a soil grow.

I am planning to do 4 Northern Lights autoflowers to start (1 per square foot), and to maybe slightly scrog them to keep the height under control. I would like to be harvesting more frequently and from what I have read, over the course of a year, autoflowers if done correctly can produce quite well.

My question is this:
Is there any way I might be able to pull a pound each harvest off of four autoflowers? Would my current setup make that possible and if not, what changes could I make to better my odds given my available space? Also, if everything is done correctly, what type of yield COULD I expect from this setup with four NL autos?

Any comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated, thank you :D

(Also, not sure if I am posting this in the right place. This site is kind of confusing...)


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well I have a 150watt hps and 17 cfls that are 23w and 6500k over 3 auto females. that would be awesome if I even got 400 grams from the harvest but somehow I still doubt ill reach that mark due to them being autos.


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Been reading thru this thread (skipped some of the middle, but I'll go back). I've come to the conclusion that we are asking the wrong question here. Experienced growers have been saying this all along and its keeps zipping over the heads of us noobs because we don't know any better yet.
The right question, imho, is "What would it take to grow XXX grams?" Really what matters first is how much do I want or need. Then figure out how to grow strong healthy plants, then do the math. I think noobs like me ask things backwards because we don't have our grows set up yet or made basic choices or invested a chunk of cash in equipment. (scary! and confusing) So we ask "how much?" because we don't know what else to ask, unless its "what do I need to buy."
Next time you hear someone ask "how much will I yield" (or "what do I need to buy") you ask them "How much do you want to yield?" The answer is still "It depends..." but now you have something to talk about.
I my case I need 2 oz. (actually the fresh equivalent of 2 oz. dry) every day for 60 days of intense juicing. I'd need 240 plants in a 6" SOG yielding 1/2 oz. each, or 60 plants in 12" ScrOG yielding 2 oz. each, on up to 8 plants in flower yielding 14 oz. per week with 7 plants in 8 weeks of veg to get to that size. The 60 plant ScrOG seems most practical, so that's what I need to learn to grow. But I can still fantasize about growing 1# monsters. and work on that next.:high-five:

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An average magnetic ballast 600 watt grow light in a 1.2m x 1.2m tent, in the correct growing environment will produce anywhere between 15 - 21 ounce. This is what i believe.


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2X4/ 400 watt=8 flowers
4X4/ 600 watt=16
5x5/ 1000 watt 24
Got it?

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1/2 ounce - 5 ounce per plant...........see how big a window your asking for!
were all impatient what i propose is a thread composed of pictures from that last week before harvest with a discription of final yield and pros and cons of how that person liked the strain they have just successfully finished.

that way people could see these pictures and information to estimate what they could possible yield if there plant is of relative size.

ive tried to make this post but im still trying to get my head around getting people involved with my journal or threads seems its one extreme to the other some threads have a 1000 people giving there opinion and others sit there talking to yourself for months on end


not necessarily, I have just put a plant into 12/12 cycle and I expect upwards to 10 -12 ounces from it. I supercropped the crap out of it 2 months ago when it was about 2 months old from seed. I have it under a 600 watt hps moving on a track.
What does that mean a 12/12 cycle? Also when you supercropp it are you trimming tops?


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What does that mean a 12/12 cycle?
Generally accepted flowering phase lighting schedule - photoperiodic cannabis requires a certain number of hours of uninterrupted darkness in order to flower. Most folks use 12 (or a little more for pure sativas).

Also when you supercropp it are you
...sort of crushing branches a bit so that they become "floppy" at that point and bend easily? Yes, that's pretty much it. No trimming involved.

I guess you're new here. We've had a pretty good FAQ here for, IDK, nine and a half years or so, lol, that answers both of the above questions and (slight exaggeration) about 420,000 other ones. Block off a few hours of time and read it, it'll increase your cannabis-growing knowledge exponentially:
How to Grow Marijuana Everything You Need to Know
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