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How much yield from Gorilla Glue #4?

Robert Celt

New Member
Good morning Elevat8ed

Welcome to 420, you have joined an awesome group of knowledgeable and helpful growers :)

As for you question, that is near impossible to answer accurately. Breeders will include yield/height expectations but your actual yield will depend on many factors: light, grow medium, grow technique, etc.

If you intend to let it grow "au natural" like a bush/tree, chances are you won't get the breeders advertised yield. Now if you want to get higher yield, then you want to have quality lights (HID or LED) and learn to train your plant. Do a search for LST, Super Cropping, SCROG and Main Lining. These types of training will help give you an even flat canopy for better light penetration and higher yield :)
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