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How Often Can I Spray Neem?


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Hello all! Long time no post. Life has been crazy. Anyways I have a new place with a nice backyard. Currently 10 (hopefully) ladies outside, almost 2 months from germ, in 5 gal pots. 2/10 have pushed white hairs so far, but I'm waiting to determine sex before putting anything in the ground (this is my first outdoor).

ANYHOW. I noticed some thrip damage that lead me to finding some thrips. FUCK. I grabbed some Dyna-Gro 100% neem oil from the hydro store & used it along with organic dish soap and organic essential oils to make a spray. Used it once a few days ago, however the amount of neem I used wasn't much. I was just sort of testing the product / seeing if the plants would get upset at all. They handled the spray just fine, but today I saw a couple more thrips when doing some searching.

I know neem is preventieve & you must use it over and over to see continuous results, but I guess I'm a little anxious, & want to hit them again with a slightly heaver amount of neem in the mixture. So how long do I have to wait between treatments? Any info or opinions are much appreciated.

Here is one of my GSC plants (the first of the group to show HER sex!) just a few days ago.

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If you have pests, I'd use it twice per week to get rid of them, then once every week or two as a preventative.


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