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how old must male be to flower and make pollen


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lets say you were looking around and saw a baby one like 2 weeks old you thought was probally a male, can u start flowering it then? just to grab a little pollens... :laugh2:


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Sure.. no problem.. just take him out of the room and put in a dark closet or cover it up with something light-proof for 12 hours every day to induce flowering.. Once the balls have formed and have started to "crack" open slightly (you'll see what I mean when the time comes) cut the top off, stick in a bottle of water, trim all the big fan leaves off, and then place on top of or next to a plate or something smooth. The light can stay on 24/7 at this point. He'll dump his pollen onto the smooth surface which you can then scrape up and save in an air-tight container in your fridge... stays good for several months that way as long as there's no moisture getting to the pollen.

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If you haven't flowered it yet, then how would you know it was a male??


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okee thanks for the tips! :adore:

its true im not completly sure he is a male! but out of the 4 that sprouted its the biggest and most aggressive, 3 are identical and this one is crazy.
and i have a few to many known females already it will probally have to die either way.


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hmm yah.. guess its a crazy girl
flowered for a week and just spotted a couple hairs blaaah, really needed a male!!!
so now what should i do i can only have 6 plants!

5 clones from the dispensary. 2 Granddaddy Purple, OG Kush, Purple Kush, Sour Diesel.

and now i have 3 female Frankensteins i got from a local breeder. can i reveg the crazy one and kill the weaklings or will she go hermie now? maybe i should lop off her head first to get rid of some hormones?

mostly i just love the clones, these frankensteins are just a test maybe ill be suprised.


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there's a couple big posts here about flowering clones. Seems very successful. Re-veg is too if you have the patience. I say screw all that if you have clones readily available at the dispensary. If you can only have 6 total...kull the herd...the weak do not survive.
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