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How should freshly cut buds smell?

How does your freshly cut buds smell?

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My buddy harvested a sample bud from one of his plants. The bud had probably about 2% to 5% amber trichomes and mostly cloudy and clear ones. Obviously rather early but the idea was to try it this way (early cut) and let the rest of the plant follow normal course.

He is slow drying it and curing it before smoking it. The question I have is this... the bud doesn’t smell all that great. From the time it was first cut to about 2 days into drying, the thing still smells like crappy wild grass from a field somewhere. Not the least bit appealing. Mind you, when the bud was on the plant, it smelled fruity!

So I was just wondering what the more experienced out there would say about this small detail. Do your freshly cut buds smell really good? OK? or not so good until maybe later (after curing?) in your experience.

Feedback appreciated.


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My current strain, barely smells on the plant, unless you pinch it, and feel the oils just permeate your hand. At that point it's smells like strong potent herb.

Off the plant, it has a much greener more chlorophyll smell until it's dry about 7 days later.

Once it's jarred, the air coming of the jar smells similar to the green smell during initial drying.

Once the cutting stops respirating so hard you'll have a noticeable difference in smell.

Also, to note.. running plain water and flushing before the cut down, and if you leave the leaves on or off during the drying process makes a difference in smell and taste I'm told, but I personally run water before taking the cut (didn't once.. blech.. tasted list fertilizer) and drop all the leaves while I dry.


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wait till they cure, and they should smell a lot better.


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My friend will be sooo happy to hear this!!! SciFi, Hightide8056 - Thank you both.

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