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How should i set up to house mother plants?


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i have built a new flowering cabinet and that is a ebb & flow set up. in storage i have the 27 gallon tub that was my bubbler set up from my Easyryder grow. i want to set up a section of my old cabinet to house 3-6 mother plants. i am debating whether or not to go with my bubbler set up OR should i switch to soil? the moms will be under CFL's. while the veg section, the clones will be under a 400w MH. the flowering cabinet has two 600w HPS lights. i have never tried to keep mother plants in a constant state of veg. so any help would be greatly appreciated.


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How bid do you want you're mother plants. And work from that. I personally plan to eventually keep mother plants in 1.5g pails in either soil or perlite hempies. I'm banking on the small size of the pail to keep the mother plants smallish no more than a 1.5-2feet tall
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