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How should I transplant rooted aero clones to soil?

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The roots could be a little shorter for good soil transplanting, but no longer than these roots...

Let the roots get no longer than in the above pictures, in fact shorter than that is better. Preferably about 1/2" long. Carefully place them in the soil and water them in very wet...soaking wet, then let the soil become almost bone dry, by then the clone will be hardened off and rooted into the soil nicely.

If you allow the clone to develop the long water roots it will not adjust very fast and stall for about a week or more, so transplant them at or before they are 1/2" to 3/4" long. The drying down from soaking wet soil drench will encourage great rooting into the soil. Use a weak high P fertilizer, preferably with b1 or with superthrive to really get the root system established into the soil. After you're seeing new growth you can switch them over to weak High N ferts...but be carefull about increasing the nute strength at first, you dont want to fry the newly developing root systems.

Too long for soil...

The roots in this picture (from Sportsters bubbler cloner) are way too long for a good transplant to soil without stalling. However, they'd be just fine for a hydroponic system transplant, DWC for example.


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For some reason I can never see any of your pics...


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can i transplant straight into 5 gal pots?

First of all, you might have an easier time getting an answer if you post your own thread on the growing board. Lots of people would be more than happy to help you out.

But I'm wandering around the boards today, so I thought I'd help you out anyway, if you haven't posted a thread already.

Yes, you can transplant into 5 gallon pots, so long as the plant is strong enough and sturdy enough when it's transplanted. A plant that's too small isn't going to be ready to transplant, but one that has a good root system will be ready to go.

Look at the roots and see whether the main root is thick and if there are plenty of smaller roots that are shooting off from that root. That is the best indicator of whether a plant is ready for a transplant.

Good luck man!
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