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How should my Mum take her cannabis oil?


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Hello fellow marijuana enthusiasts,

My Mum is unfortunately in her final stages of her cancer and is very open to trying cannabis treatments. Primarily for pain management (The cancer is also in her collarbone which causes her extreme pain)

I have been smoking weed for over 10 years and I'm really excited to share this experience with her which has bought me so much joy and peace over my life.

She is buying a decent vaporiser over the next couple of days so we can smoke normally and a guy in a bong shop gave her some free cannabis oil which was really great.

I however have never dealt with the 'Oil' side of things before so I have no idea how she should to take it. I've been reading about putting the oil into pill form with empty pill canisters and taking a certain dosage over a period of time. (e.g Half a grain of rice worth over 3-4 days)

Any help would be appreciated, I'm keen to find out the different ways she can take it.
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