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How strong can you make Butter?

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My question is: I've had a couple experiences in the past making butter and I am about to make a batch once again and I was going to try to make this batch nice and strong, I was planning on using an Oz of middies per stick of butter (I usually do 1OZ/2 sticks), but then I thought is there only so much that the butter can even absorb??

Thoughts? Anyone try it?
This is a very good question. I wonder why no one has picked it up?

I've always thought the more the better? I guess it all depends on a few things? Are you going to use trim or buds? How much butter are you going to use? HOW STRONG DO YOU WANT IT?

That's my thoughts....
There's two parts to butter: the fat part and the watery, tasty stuff. The fat is miscible with cannabinoids, means any proportion of THC to fat is fine. Just be careful that the watery part doesn't dissolve too much of the green part of weed; tastes nasty. Or just use the butterfat part, like super ghee.
You want to be dose aware via caution and experience.

How much fun is a good-time that you can't remember because
You were zonked out on the sofa? :peace2:
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