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how tall b4 i set into flower room


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i want to know how tall plants need to be b4 i can set into flower room and what size is best 4 better yeild this time i went with small plants lil bonzi trees lol :rasta::rasta::adore::smoke2::58:


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I only ever veg for two weeks and the plants are generally at their 7th to 9th internode by then. Height is about 14-18 inches by then. My height restriction is my ceiling and the lights are normally up against the ceiling by the plants' third or fourth week of flower. That's when I start gearing up for some serious bending and tying down, lol. May get lucky this grow and not need to do that, hehe. I mean isn't that one of the reasons we're growing hybrids??? To develop indoor plants??? lmfao

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