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How To Add Links To Signatures

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Signature Tutorial

Customizing your signature is easy to do. Signatures can be used to provide links to on-site threads such as your grow journal or photo member gallery. We do not allow links to product websites (unless they are to a paid sponsor), or other online communities and forums. Signatures may contain links to IRS non-profit organizations. Signatures that violate these or any of our Posting Guidelines are subject to edit.

First, highlight the URL Web address you want your link to direct to and copy it.

Then go to the edit Signature box.

On a PC, click on your user name in the top menu bar. On a mobile device, tap the small picture of your avatar on the top menu bar. This gives you access to all of your account information and preferences. Choose Signature.

A dialog box will open which lets you personalize your signature. Note: The screens are slightly different on PC (shown) and a mobile device but the steps are the same.

Now tap/click on the Insert Link icon.

The Insert Link dialog box will open.

Paste the link you copied into the top box that is labeled URL.

Type in the text that you want visible in your signature in the bottom box labeled Text.

Tap/click Insert then Save. Your text (with the link) will be inserted in the dialog box.

To edit this link, tap/click it and a box will open with icons for Open link (which will open the linked page), Edit link or Unlink (which removes the link but leaves the text).

Created with the kind assistance of member Amy Gardner.
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