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How to adjust my ph 3 weeks into flower - Urgent


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So my BioBzz allmix ph is at 8 and it needs to be at 6.6. I'm getting lockout for zinc and possibly iron.

What can I do to lower the ph? I have little money so as low cost as possible. I was thinking I could repot in fresh soil or perhaps use some vinegar.

Please help and give me advice.


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Re: How to adjust my ph 3 weeks into flower. URGENT

PH down is pretty cheap to buy. Best solution IMO.

You could try using vinegar, I have read others use it in a pinch but not as a permanent solution. Second best IMO.

You could try grinding up some pine needles and adding that to the water before adding nutrients and check the PH before and after. Experimental solution.

That is all I have right now.

Good luck.


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Here is something I just read on the interwebs. I am unfamiliar with that brand, but this is allegedly from biobuzz to a customer via email--

Why do you consider to lower the pH? What is the pH of the water after you add the Biobizz nutrients? Is it 7,0 or lower, then just go ahead !
The main reason you need to lower the ph with the chemical fertilizers is to make sure the nutrients, most of the time salt based chemicals can desolved and be absorbed. Biobizz has no chemicals not salts, so it is compatible with the soil and the plant.
Take for instance coco-cola: how do they manage to desolve 23 cubes of sugar in a bottle of cola? If you try it at home, you’ll notice there will be a lot of sugar that does not desolve in the water. But what does coco-cola do? They lower the ph of the water to 2,2 and poof, all the sugar crystals fall apart and you have a sweet liquid without anything floating inside. This is how chemical fertilizers need to work as well. The more NPK they offer in their nutrients, the more pH levelling becomes important.
If you feel or need to lower the pH, use only lemon acid or vinegar, do not use pH- or something, this is everything but organic! The best place to measure the pH is not in the water by the way, but in your substrate. If the pH there is between 6,0-6,5 you are on a perfect and natural level.

Its from the web so consider the source. :19:
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