How to Become a Patient in Wyoming

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Becoming a patient in Wyoming

Becoming a Patient Under HB 32

Registering for protections under HB 32 requires that a patient (or their parent or legal guardian) complete an application and the patient's neurologist complete two additional forms: a written certification and a patient evaluation record. A patient must also submit proof of residency and a $150 application fee. After processing by the Department of Health the patient will be issued a Hemp Extract Registration card.

Age Limits
HB 32 allows for both adults and minors to become registered patients. Patients under 18 years of age must have a parent or legal guardian in order to register, and only their parent or legal guardian may obtain and administer their medicine.

Limitations and Protections under the Law
Registered patients and their parents or legal guardians, if minors, are exempt from arrest and prosecution for possessing or consuming cannabis extracts which can be proven to conform to legal THC/CBD requirements.

Possession, Growing, and Consumption Limitations
Patients and caregivers may possess, and administer medical cannabis extracts which conform to legal requirements. Patients are not allowed to cultivate medical cannabis for the patient. The law does not impose a specific possession limit. The law makes no provision for growing, producing or dispensing the medical cannabis extracts allowed under HB 32. Presumably patients are required to travel to another state to legally acquire their medicine.

Access to Medical Marijuana
No provision is made in HB 32 for accessibility of medical marijuana to patients.

Parents and legal guardians of registered patients are protected under HB 32.

Housing/Employment/Child Custody/Organ Transplants Discrimination Protection
Wyoming's medical marijuana law does not include civil discrimination protection in the areas of housing, employment, child custody, and organ transplants.

HB 32 has no accommodation for non-resident patients or medical cannabis recommendations from other states.

The patient information in the Hemp Extract Registry is confidential and will only be used for academic research with the permission of participants and only on the condition that they are anonymized.

Source: Americans for Safe Access
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