How to Become Member of the Month!

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How to Become Member of The Month.

It is not about being the best. It's about being out there! Let your passion show and hide your identity.

- First read and understand the 420 Magazine Posting Guidelines. You should not break any of the rules if you want to become a member of the month.

- Be active. You don't need to spend all day on the site. You can still do it with 30mins - 1hr a day and still have a chance. How you spend your time is the key. Looking at too much bud porn will not get you the title.

- Build up your reputation points! Rarely do you see members being nominated having only one green square (100 points). Before anyone knows who you are in the sea of members, you need to stand out some how. Having lots of reputation points is one of many ways. People have to see how helpful you are before they can nominate you or even vote for you.

How to gain reputation points?

- Report Posts that contain spam, negativity, any that break the Posting Guidelines and you will gain some from the moderators for helping out. There are only a hand full of moderators (volunteers) so they need all the help they can get. Click the "Report Post" button in the bottom left corner of the post that violated the guidelines.

- If you grow, help out new growers in the Frequently Asked Questions. They've got plenty of questions. Help them out from your experiences. It's okay if you don't have a solution to the problem just try not to give bad advice (no real life experience, theory, not yet proven) that could cost them the grow. Put yourself in their shoes. You can still provide basic info to get them started after you've done your extensive research on the question. However, experience is hands down the best teacher. You can provide what not to do if you're not sure about the solution yourself. Giving support will make the journey less lonesome and will encourage new growers to advance. Reputation points will be given to you if your post has quality and is helpful from the original poster and/or from others who have read your reply.

- Another way to gain reputation points is by running your very own grow journal, if you are a grower. Make frequent updates a few times a week or once a week on your grow. People will learn from your mistakes and accomplishments, and the rep will come.

Give back to the community

- Showcase your talent/skills with everyone. If you are a cook, share your recipes and teach us how to cook with Cannabis. If you are crafty, build something (DIY projects) that can go into the grow room, provide the steps so we can make one ourselves.

- If you're a grower -
  • Subscribe to new grower's journals. Most often they don't stick around too long due to low number of visitors to the journal, and they give up. Having someone experienced along for the ride to help answer any questions they may have, personal mentor (unofficial) if you will, will help them continue to come back and update their journal, and when the time comes you'll gain their vote. You'll become friends in the process.
  • Subscribe to experienced/advanced grower's journals. It will help you learn so you can apply it to your grow and help the new growers. You'll become friends in the process.
  • Run experiments from your/others theories so the myth is out and facts are in. If you think Indica grows better with HPS and Sativa grows better with MH, run it and document the results. Do a live test so everyone can see the progress as they come. Whatever your theories are in Cannabis growth/flower test them out, who knows you might be changing the way we grow Cannabis after that.
- Give Likes and Reputation. They are free. Others want to be recognized for their quality posts and accomplishments so give them Likes and Reps when appropriate. It's about giving, the more you give the more you'll get back in return.

- Provide positive feedback. Not all of your posts should be a solution to a problem. They can also be positive posts for someone's new journal update. Giving positive feedback helps to let people know that you're still around, and there's still an audience.

- Stay positive. Even if someone is not liking what you are doing, or disagrees with you, stay positive. Step away and come back later if the person really upsets you. It's so common in other grow forums where people are very nasty to one another because they have some elite strain, have a few thousand harvests under their belt, or have more funds than others to start up a big elaborate grow and they act as though that gives them the right to put everyone down. No need for that. That's why this community stands out from the rest due to the high energy and positivity we have for one another. In order to fight this unjust war on drug we have to join forces.

- Welcome the newcomers aboard. Whether they're a new grower or someone just looking to get educated and involved in the activism side of the Cannabis movement, the size of this wonderful website can be a bit overwhelming at first. Receiving a warm welcome and friendly suggestions as to which part of the website would be of the most interest to them can go a long way.

- Support the website. As most or all of you may know, 420 Magazine is a free site and we exist solely due to the support of our Sponsors and the generosity of our members who make Voluntary Donations. Our Sponsors offer a wide array of products for all of your growing and/or Hemp and medicinal Cannabis consumption needs. If you see someone who is looking for a specific product, i.e. smoking accessories, grow products, drug tests, or even hemp based food, take a minute to let them know about our Sponsors in general or a specific Sponsor if you've personally had a positive experience with one of them.

Basically it boils down to:
- Give back
- Stay positive
- Help out other members with questions
- Share your talent
- Have fun!

I think that should cover the basics of becoming a member of the month. :Namaste:

Special 420 thanks to Twelve12 for writing this wonderfully informative and helpful post! :cheer: :Namaste:
since a few months ago when we got our actual rep points number taken off from under our avatars i never quite understood what the green dots were under my name.

Are you thinking of the short-lived 420 points thing? The REPutation points amount wasn't specified in a member's posts (just the green square representation). You can see exactly how many REP points you have by looking at the bottom of your User CP page. It will show both your total and the last five occasions that you were awarded REPs (thread you posted in, date the person REPped you, who it was, and a comment if they chose to post one).
Are you thinking of the short-lived 420 points thing? The REPutation points amount wasn't specified in a member's posts (just the green square representation). You can see exactly how many REP points you have by looking at the bottom of your User CP page. It will show both your total and the last five occasions that you were awarded REPs (thread you posted in, date the person REPped you, who it was, and a comment if they chose to post one).

well yes but no. last november i think it was we used to have (under our green bars that represents the rep points) a number of rep points listend below the green dots we have. the days they got taken off it was a weird day because i had no clue the green bar represented our rep points so thats probably why they took our current rep points off because that green bar does the same thing.

just a quick recollection of how things were when i first started off here at 420 lol
nice to know the rules..... i most likely will not follow them to the letter.. but i will only do what i need to to get the message out. i joined this 420 web site as i been following it and many others for years. this is by far the best group of people. the other sites have way to many nazis to deal with and very rude too. the first grow i am doing here is the 'a.b.c. of this new grow'. i started it from build the system to harvest including almost all the techniques shared in this forum[it is in progress]. for a reason. kudos no doubt. got to show i already know what everyone is doing. then i will start the next grow '12/12 from A to Z' that will be from seed to harvest. thats what i normally do. to prove the 12/12 as the best way to get the most for the least. also will be doing a few advise threads for new growers. ' how to do a first grow , know the plant , the easy way'. so keep watching and learn from 'gairbud' the bud whisperer .
Lol. The budwhisper? Any relation to dog? Sorry I couldn't help it lol. Looking forward to the posts man.

I am kinda bummed to see a how to.
On one level its nice cause it lets the new people know what to do and encourages us more experienced to help put. And that's awesome.

But at the same time, actions speak louder than words. I feel like some people feel inclined to chime in just in hopes of getting something free. Regardless of the accuracy of the advice given. It is nice to know that so many here.know there stuff that its unlikely ud receive bad info and if u did there'd certainly be many chiming in to inform you of such in a respectful manner.

Idk I just feel like there shouldn't have to be a tutorial on how to conduct yourselves on a public forum. It should be in a persons moral fiber to want to help not so much doing it cause they might get that bpn lineup or the like. Hope that made sense lol
I guess I just feel like it should read
"Just be you. And, if who you are happens to be a good person with knowledge and is active and enthusiastic in their contribution to the forum, people will recognize that and u will almost certainly EARN that motm title soon enough. Winning is for sports and charlie sheen. Real results are earned "
hey canna
lmao yes it makes total sense to me bro but we still live in a world with rules [so sad really] so those who want to ,can break them , and those that need them , feel justified and rightous in following them... lmfao big time . humans are very far away from common sense and enlightenment. it all starts from within. so lots of pantys get in bunches and lots of pussys hurt when they dont have one . never fails to amaze me. over and over. that others freely give me their buttons to push when i never asked for them. very hard not to push them. damm it is so easy too. lol but i checked out what you have in your profile and can easily say your a pro at growing and know your shit. and glad to have ya comment on anything i post. been doing this for so long i have forgotten what most here know and it is like breathing to me anyhow. lmfao again. so i have put up a few more pointers today scrog method and seed growing that should help a few people out. most is just a compilation and experince of myself and others but picking males is a science/talent with much study and practice of many many grows of many many traits and strains. so because the abc grow is a compilation of many techniques and methods most questions will be answered as it goes along its course. once i finish this abc grow ill prove out the a to z 12/12 grow then prove out the a to z perpetual grow all under the same lighting system for massive yeilds with liltle effort. to give anyone unlimited freash buds to smoke in a small setup for litle cost. my next tip will be ' know the plant ' for beginers. then know 'your strain' for beginers. my main concern is getting a killer bomb ass crop with litle effort and just the basics to all the new and some of the older growers. i been watching this 420 forum for way over 2 years before joining and much expert advice is given to novice growers who dont yet know the plants cycle [ not to dis anyone] just to teach the basics and all the lilte tricks of this hobby.
Thank you for the compliments.
P.s. its hard to read a big block of words ;)

Not picking on you but people will be Much more inclined to read what you type if its visually appealing. Otherwise they tend to skim
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