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How to bring ASA to your State

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
The last few weeks I've been unveiling a new section from our strategic plan, ASAs National Strategy, focusing on our federal goals. I told you that we we're working towards a 2013 federal victory and we began to outline the actions that will get us there. An equally meaningful piece to our strategic plan is our State Campaigns and today I want to highlight our vision for securing safe access in the states.

ASAs commitment to safe access for every American is unwavering. I'd like you take a moment to imagine what it would be like for ASA to be on the ground in your home state. Imagine us creating the field necessary to pass legislation-expanding our grassroots base to be a potent force in local and national politics. Picture us fighting your local legislators and courts until every patient had safe and legal access to medical cannabis, and empowering activists and organizers across the state to build a movement that will win. Envision your state becoming part of ASAs localized planning and policy advising, benefiting from ASAs winning record of impact legislation and participating in ASAs strategic education campaigns. Imagine ASA with you in every fight until we win; and we will win.

Our first step in bringing this vision to life is to implement a very ambitious plan to win safe access state by state. This plan will cost us $250,000 to implement-not an overwhelming sum when you go back and look at what that'll accomplish. If each state raised just $5,000 we'd be able to turn that vision into a reality. We'd be able to win!

Our larger roadmap to victory is built on the belief that our movement is strongest when it's connected to its grassroots. Changing federal policy and winning state-by-state is going to require a lot more grassroots action. I want you to be even more active in joining us in that fight. The best way to get your state on its way to victory is by becoming a member, or increasing your membership contribution, today.

As always, thank you for your support,

Steph Sherer Executive Director

PS The first state to raise $5,000 will get a personal visit from me where I'll host a town hall and we'll get down to the details of how we're going to win in your state.

ASA*:*Advancing Legal Medical Marijuana Therapeutics and Research

Info: info@safeaccessnow.org
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