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How to build a joint


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in the uk we use tobacco because it burns better and something about the THC being brought out by the baccy .

also a solid/hash joint dosen't burn without it .


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I, from the Netherlands, always use tobacco. It's 'cuz our weed is about 12 times stronger than American weed. I once met 2 americans who smoked weed everyday. After one joint one of them was laughing constantly, while the other one was almost passing out. Just an example.


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Well the only reason i see to smoke with tobacco would be to make the joint fill more.. Coming from northern europe, i know how expensive weed is around these parts, so you'd want your stash to last longer. Also as Thistle said, a good hash joint is simply not gonna burn without tobacco.
Having smoked with tobacco for years i can just say, it's something you cut down alot... used to smoke 1g with 2 cigs, now i'd maybe add a 3/4 cig.. When i get my grow going and i have a steady supply, i dont see any reason to mix my weed. But for now theres no other way ;)
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