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How to clean my silver surfer?


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hey all,

Long time reader, first time poster :)

I bought a Silver Surfer a while back and I love it (I quit smoking tobacco 8 weeks ago tomorrow, largely due to the SSV) but I have a couple of questions for those that might be more familiar with it:

1. The screens clog up very quickly (usually within a day) and although I scrape them after each use with the provided wand, I still find myself replacing them every day or two - I'm a reasonably heavy user but wanted to know if this was considered 'normal'?

2. I have never owned a vape before and I have no idea how to clean the glass part of the whip (sorry if I'm not familiar with the correct terms) which is currently all dirty and blackened from use. I have read that if you clean it right you can get some residue that is nice and strong but I have no idea how to start cleaning it and preserve the stuff inside (my way to 'clean' it would probably not net me anything!).

Any suggestions for these questions would be greatly appreciated!
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