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How to cut cannabis clones - With a Katana!

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I am a paid advertiser here

Please share this video to every smoker or grower you know for some good laughs ;)

In these most simple steps, the grower we sponsor, shows you in this educational series, how to cut clones.
So be sure to hit your friends up who grow, and tell them "You know how to cut clones right" knowing they
know the exact process. Then tell them " Let me show you proper techniques on doing mass amounts of clones " lolz lolz lolz lolz then share this video with them lol. All cutlings were planted into rapid rooter cubes and are awaiting to sprout roots to begin the grow life-cycle.

We assure you no plants were harmed in this vide
o, instead, the plants were purposed for replication / clones the grower in this video simply needed to dedicate these plants for clones ! Us here at NukeHeads feels plants are living creatures and should be treated like so; and we approve of this mass cloning method;

Thanks for watching !



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Lmmfao dude you're awesome. How do you trim after harvest lmao
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