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How to do a bong hit?


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So I just tried smoking from a bong yesterday. I have smoked from a blunt 2 or 3 times before. But yesterday, I think I might have smoked too much, leading to headache, dizziness and stomach ache
Is it just because I took too much or is there a proper way to smoke from a water pipe?
Because I still have the stomach ache a little bit and its been 24 hours


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Just make sure to drink plenty of water and burp as much as you can. Sometimes smoke get's trapped in your stomach and it will stay there until you burp it out...


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What strain did you had? I've never experience anything like that before. Sure it was not Mexican bricks you had? That stuff will definitely gives you headache, dizziness, and stomach ache. For dank strains all you get is coughing more or less depends on the amount of smoke was pulled.


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Maybe you just ate something bad. I am assuming you ate since you got stoned. It's usually followed by the munchies.lol That mexican brick weed will definitely do that to you as well. Some strains like headband give you a high that makes your head feel under pressure as well. Not a head ache though really.
I think it was dehydration more then likely if it wasn't that mexi swag.
Dehydration causes dizziness and headaches. I get tummy aches all the time from eating too many sweets when stoned all the time as well. Could be that mixture.


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I once knew a guy who was a very heavy cigarette smoker, but when it came to water pipes, he was so used to drawing the smoke into his mouth and inhaling into his lungs, that he had bong trouble. He couldn't seem to take a hit that would fill the bong and clear it at once, but would slowly fill it with little breaths and clear it the same way.

So for a first time bong user, it can be a little difficult to get that inhalation technique down that allows you to really experience it. Sounds like you weren't really prepared for the large amounts of smoke. Happy toking!

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take smaller full hits rather than sucking too much smoke and taking little pulls because the hits become stale really fast.
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