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How to fix this?


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Hi guys, I'm growing one peppermint kush (Barney's Farm), but I see some problems.
The plant shows nuts some nutes problems, but I don't understand what it really is.
I was used to give it the reccomanded dose of nutes (yellow + supervit HESI), but it began some suffering.
So i flushed it with RO water and for about 2 weeks it had been watered w/o nutes.
I decided to giv her some nutes 1/2 of reccomanded dose.
now the plant is still like that. I suppose a kind of zinc deficiency, but I want to hear you guys.
I just want to put it into flowering, but if it is sick it may be risky, right?

1 peppermint kush
1 pot 18l
generic soil + expanded clay
apollo 4 (140w led)
growroom 60x60x140cm
high stress + low stress training
about 10 weeks into vegetative stage

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