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How to get best yeild in closet


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im asking whats the best way to get the best yeild from a closet grow , which is just less that a metre squared ,i have done 8 each time a have had 3 or more ounce from each there is two questions i want to ask .

1.would anyone recommend doing just one plant in a 12 , 15 lite pot and topping it and let it bush
2. would anyone recomend 6 , 8 lite pots with screen of green

would love answers please i am looking which would give me the biggest yeild for the space i have

what i have on the go ar 4 , 10l pots using coco and canna nutes
i have from the pot about 3 and a half feet from my 400w hps so could anyone reccoment small big yeaildin plants

thankyou ?


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best yield with space would most likely be the scrog method. You utilize every sq inch of your closet with a even canopy.
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