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How to get better pics under HPS lamps.

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Do you hate seeing all these otherwise beautiful budshots taken down a step because they are drowned out by the yellow/orange hue of HPS? Yeah, so do I, but the only problem is that there is no way to easily (if at all) correct the color of these pics with so high a yellow/orange hue.

Hopefully this won't piss-off too many photographers (if it does thean they have their nose held too high in the first place)...but I'm going to reveal the secrets to you.

All you need is a blue filter. In this case, a $1.35 pair of blue sunglasses.


Without blue filter

With blue filter

Source: Anima
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Wooow, Nicely done Moose, im always erasing and retaking pics because of the yellow/orange hue.Now thanks to you i wont have to be erasing a lot like i use to,Thanks.How did you come about to figuire'n this out?


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oooo very nice moose!

anyone have any tricks for those of us who want to take macro shots but are stuck with shiesty lighting conditions all around?
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I used to you one of those flouro light wands a mechanic uses when working under your car. Hold it near your pic and macro should be ok. Or a very strong halogen torch.
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