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how to get nice soft budswhen drying


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How do people make there flowers soft and manage tomake the stems crack ? I kno how to dry I trim and hangybut I want to know how to keep the flower moist and stem c3ack every time I dry I do it until my stems crack but by then the bud is crispy and can easily break down so how can I I make this happen


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I'd try trimming a day or 2 earlier and jar it loosely, then burp the jar a few minutes a few times a day until you reach your desired moisture. Watch for mold though! Good luck


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Put them in the jars wheb they resemble sponge. I usually dry them not longer than 5-6 days and cure them for a very long time exposing to air for 12 hours first and then cutting it just to 2-3 hours a day after a week or two.
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