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How to get seed from a favourite female plant without a male


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Hi everyone , got a question to ask growers I've got a favourite female plant and would like to get seed of this plant I have not got a male to pollinate this nice female any ideas to get seed from this plant without a male plant, :volcano-smiley:


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Absolutely! You need an ethylene blocker. Ethylene is the hormone responsible for growing female flowers on your plant. You would need to have the plant in veg to do it, though. Either colloidal silver, or silver thiosulfate will do the trick. Another product is Tiresias Mist. The trick is you want to start spraying just one branch with the stuff you have chosen, let's say you've chosen colloidal silver. You would spray that branch every day for ten to fourteen days. Start spraying the day you change your lighting to 12/12 cycle and after two weeks you will have pollen sacs filled with feminized pollen. You would then hit a branch with young pistillate flowers (buds with white hairs) and that bud will produce feminized seeds. If you are already flowering it's too late, unless you take a flowering clone and reveg it and do the process as I described.


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Just reveg your plant after flowering to produce a mother plant-that will allow you to take clones as much as you want.


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Thanks I'll give this ago to ☺ this help will make this little strain of plant live on its a unusual plant I'll post some photos on here when it comes into bud season again for a small plant the buds large and compact .
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