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How to Grow Quality Buds From Scratch


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Be responsive when things go wrong, but be conservative in your remedies.

Alright, I am beginning this grow log with 2 clones, one I received from an outdoor plant (unknown), the other from a legitimate hydroponic set up. Strain, White Widdow

My goal, as said in my introduction post is to grow quality buds.

With the two isolated in my homemade grow room (for clones) under 24 hours of light.

Here are my statistics thus far..
(Taken from, 420 Magazine ®)

Plants| Wattage | kw/ hour |
2 | 40Watts | .04 kw/h |

do some math... (kw/h * light cycle)

kw/ day| Days | Usage |
.96 | .. | .. |

After the smoke clears..

Grams | Rating | PowerUsed |
| | | |

Sometime I'll get up pictures so I can show ya'll what I got goin on.


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Here are the first couple of pics so ya'll can know what I'm workin with:MoreNutes:

The first is the purebred White Widow, no problems and positive to accelerated growth. Some notes, lots of nice long curly orange hairs for such a young plant.


Here is a close up with hairs reaching out from the nodes

And here is the unknown outdoor plant, a few dead areas on the leaves, but still positive growth. She is just retaining the last bits of nutrients in the few large dieing leaves she has and is showing growth along the stem, I see what looks like the start of some hairs starting to form along the nodes on the stem. And positive growth at the top with a new leaf growing out.



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I grow WW... vegging her for 3 months or so will give you quality buds with more yield.
I harvest 11 ounces off 2 plants that was 4 feet and 5 feet tall.

That is if you have the time and space to grow MONSTERS!


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Journal Update,

Last night i noticed my WW was subject to attack from spider mites! I assume the horde came from the other plant that was previously vegetating outside. This morning I skated to the local hydroponics shop and bought a $23 bottle of Azatrol and a squirt bottle. After diluting a small portion i proceeded to mist the upper and lower portions of the leaves, and let them catch some fresh air from my window sill.


In the mean time, I took the liberty to construct a better, early vegetative grow box. Using the same 40 Watt light, and similar reflectivity techniques, I fashioned together a cleaner, well vented, and more reflective grow box.
Here are some pics...

It is lined in Mylar, with curved foil reflective panels, slotted vents on both sides (Constant and Consistant light airflow with fan positioned outside) and Temperature Sensor.

Image shows reflectivity

77.7F is good enough for me =)


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Update on lighting, Just went out and bought 4 60watt equivalent CFL's to help with the vegetation process. I'm only using two of them right now but it estimates to 4x's the light i was using before.

I'm expecting to see a lot fast growth in the next few days.
Also, the azatrol worked like a charm, both plants are critter free and looking healthy as ever. Temperature with the 2 CFL's is now idling in the mid to high 80's

This temperature worries me, I def dont want it reaching 90 degrees in their. Maybe I should put them down to just 1 60watt CFL?

More light with more heat
Less light with cooler temps


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Journal Update,

Over the weekend I transplanted my clones in to grow buckets and gave them more light.
I will also be switching to a 16/8 light cycle to promote root development

The soil I used for the transplant is fox farms ocean breeze.
I added 2 more stronger CFL's to their light cycle.

2x 14w 5000k Daylight CFL's
2x 27w 5000k Daylight CFL's

To bring my total to 5100 lumens.

Further into vegetation I plan on having each plant with their own supply of 4 27watt CFL (7000 lumens)

Now for my issues, lol

As you can tell by the pics the White Widow has some leaf curl, as from what I know, its either under watering or over watering. This is my first grow and my first transplant; I wasn't too sure on how much water this fresh soil needed. At first I diagnosed the problem as underwater(the soil was dry a few hours after the transplant, I added a little more, then today added a little more again.

I know this is directly against what everyone says but my soil is dry! I now think I may have over watered cause SOME of the leaves have a full curl down to the stem (reference the pictures) however, the higher leaves have straightened out.

Anybody have an idea?

Anybody grow white widow?

Notes, temp stays around 85 and i occasionally mist the leaves (I do this cause I imagine healthy plants with a little water on the leaves and heard something about it helps the diffusion in photosynthesis etc.)

Just lookin for a little insight to better the quality of my plants.

Thank you


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P.S. IDK about ya'll clones but this WW has mad clusters of young buds and i can tell when it gets to flowering im gonna have a fat kabob of hopefully Quality Buds. Wish I had a good camera to show ya'll.

Also, i dont think its early flowering either cause i'm not even using 3000k and under lights. (However, I was before in some of my previous grow boxes [scroll up for previous pictures])

Another thing, the unknown outdoor plant is just straight stugglin to survive! It wasn't in any fancy soil when I got it and the fox farms is its first taste of the quality life style, I'm sure the mother it was taken from has woody soil too. BUT everyone of its leaves are 7 fingered, I have faith for an amazing plant to come from it


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Did you get rid of the sider mites ? Why don't get those dead leaves off that plant? Other than that the are looking good.


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Was curious about the mite infestation too!

Make sure you are not over watering your girls! I see some slight leaf tip droop on one of them at least in that photo. Make sure that the pots are draining properly, and if you are using a soil with any Cocoblend in it, you can back off the watering schedule even more.

A good way to go is by the weight of the pot. Get to know how it feels when it is dry and needs a water compared to how it feels right after watering. There should be a decent amount of weight difference.

Last but not least, try some FoxFarm "Grow Big" on them while in veg. My crops LOVES that stuff. In fact, I put some on our Tomatoes last week and they had a very noticeable growth spurt from it afterwards.

Just bought a few more quart bottles yesterday since it looks like I am going to be using it on our food crops now too! Great stuff! Not sure how it interacts with the FoxFarm soil though, so perhaps read up on that or email FoxFarm about using both.

I never use nutrient containing soils myself. I prefer to add those in myself. I use "Black Gold • Waterhold Cocoblend" potting soil for all my Cannabis, and a 50/50 mixture of that and Hyponex potting soil for other plants. First half of pot fill with Hyponex and second half Cocoblend.

I would also trim back those brown leaves on that other plant. No sense having the plant waste energy on those. Give it a chance to grow new ones instead. :)

Cheers. :)


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The mites were taken care of with one round of Azatrol. It was $23 for 4 ounces and worked like a charm. I highly recommend it for ANY type of infestation.

As for those dead leaves I just cut them off.

I'm not all that into nutrients yet, from what I hear Foxfarms will do the trick for a while. My next investment will be PH up & down and some ph strips. What good is my foxfarms if they cant use it!?

Thanks for all the input! Much appreciated!

Now, wheres my bowl..:roorrip:


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I'm not all that into nutrients yet, from what I hear Foxfarms will do the trick for a while. My next investment will be PH up & down and some ph strips. What good is my foxfarms if they cant use it!?

Excellent idea, BUT!...

(Hope you don't mind if I offer a few suggestions along those lines?)

If not, then check out this post in my own Grower's Journal


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Journal Update

It's been a while since I last updated my Journal. Time has just flown by!

Here are some pics!!

Current stage of my grow center

6x 27W 5000k "Daylight" CFL's => 10500 lumens
FoxFarms Ocean Breeze soil

Next Week i'll be buying 2 more 27W Daylight CFL's
For a total of 14,000 lumens A.K.A 140% of the sunlights rays in a 5000 kelvin spectrum

White Widow (Burnt a couple leaf tips from the lights =\)

Check out her bush!


Unknown Plant (Still small, might try tying it down and grow it again)



And yes it is time to water again


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Hey man looking alot better now! Nice work! How hot it it in that box? Alot of cfls for small spot! Those babies can really put out some heat so be careful! Is not so bad to raise up the bulbs a couple more inches! I'll be watching ya


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nice job on the recovery. ur girls are looking good. I am growing "chrystal" aka NL x WW. give them time and they will shoot up lovely


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WW is no doubt the legend of legends. quality? U can bet the ranch! lol...A tip Ive learned is that if u want ur buds to not only be quality, but have a better taste... use Bat Guano wk4 - 7 of flowering. Delicious;)


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nice job on the recovery. ur girls are looking good. I am growing "chrystal" aka NL x WW. give them time and they will shoot up lovely

Very Nice! and Thank You man! I def plan on keeping my WW going for a couple harvests, and i plan on pickin up a NL clone in a month or so! Very interested in the high, that Chrystal seems like a bud I'd like to try. With two well established strains and all.

You got a grow log?


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No I dont... I have a grow journal going now...check it out when u get a chance. I also have a tangerine dream mother going now.
6wks old
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