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How to grow with Autoflowering seeds?


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Hey Everyone!
I was wondering how you grow with auto flowering seeds?
What is the grow cycle?
Because you don't have to switch the cycle for the plants to flower, is it possible to grow a few small ones in between some other plants grown from feminized seeds? however these plants are going to be small to medium as they will be two-four week old indicas.
What are the pot sizes you use?
Do you germ like regular?



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I set my timer for 18 hours of light, 6 hours of dark.
Grow cycle as far as what? It does everything on its own, all you do is feed and water it.

You can grow them anywhere, but if growing in an area with regular plants, I would avoid having them share the same space when the regulars are in flower. The 12 hours of light can reduce yield on your autos.

Pot size recommended is 1 gallon for every 12"/30cm of plant height expected. I just use 5-6 gallon pots.

Germination: I scarify the seeds, then plant directly into soil, watering when needed. I don't soak in water, I don't use paper towels, and I have 100% germination.
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