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How to hang lights?

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I know this sounds crazy, but is there a good way to hang these lights? I have a @ViparSpectra P1000 and P600 bud don't even know if this is the right way to hang them. Also, should one be higher than the other or is it ok to hang them at the same height?



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I have not used any of the yo-yo hangers but have used the carabiner clips and the cables to attach lights to light-duty chains.

Now I have a question. Is there only about 6 more inches that can be gained by using the hangers to raise the light higher?


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Simple way to get max hight without messing use 4 yoyo hangers per light.Can be a bit of a drama adjusting all four
up and down but more than makes up for it being able to stick your light at top of your tent.
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