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How to keep my plant height low in my space bucket


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I'm am growing in a unit made from a system of five gallon buckets. I currently only have 32" of hight to grow in and I know the plant I have might exceed that. I'm not trying to make it taller because thats just too easy haha.


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Some ideas:
Cut the 5-gallon bucket down to 4 gallons. ;)
Grow a dwarf strain
Limit vegetative growth (switch to 12/12 early)
Train (specifically supercropping)

Why Doe

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Drill holes along the rim of your buckets and LST with pipe cleaners. The fuzzy things in the arts and crafts section. That's what I did when I was using plastic pots :)

Why Doe

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Here's the only pics I could find of what I'm talking about. Supercropping is your last resort once a plant has grown too tall. It's best to start training them really early so you don't run into problems like this

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