How to kill my plants in two hours or less?

Miss Indica

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Hi there,

I need to kill my plants with death ensuing in just a few hours. Nevermind why, but can anyone help me out? I'm using a poison method.... I filled a 12 oz. waterbottle halfway with Oxy Woolite (house cleaner), then half a bottle of Super Thrive, then several heaping tablespoons of Orchid food and finally I filled the last half up with Round Up (weed killer). I know this will kill them, but I need to make sure they die quickly so that no one attempts to smoke the poisoned plants or anything. Anyone have any tips or advice?

--Miss Indica
you could burn em
drive and dump
ect...don't leave them in your house...if they can't be alive. ...ever heard of a fire auction? from my pyromaniac days gasoline starts fires... also random dumping is illegal but very good method to remove anything illegal from your house/appartment ect...
that's what I was thinking, leave em at a friends house. don't kill the poor gals if ya dont have to :'(
What is this a chinese riddle? Get those things off of your legal property now if your that worried. If authority already knows about them, which might be the case but you won't tell us, then burn them. No weed killer or overfeeding will make them completely dead in 2 hours, unless you pour like acid over them, and even then might take a tad bit more than 2 hours.
Put them in your garbage disposal? Or just cut them up into tiny tiny peaces, use a blender.... Not sure what else..... Hope it all goes well.
Garbage disposal seems like a very good idea. I dont thing burning them would be a good idea unless you live in the middle of Bum-Fuck, Nowhere. Burying them would also seems like a good way to get rid of them fast.
if you live in a house and still have time, just thought you can dump down drainage is in the basement and is a 3' pipe if you have off shoots from the tube that just are plugged it is pretty easy with a pipe wrench...burning unless in bum fuck? i have a firepit in the middle of the city, but u could use a grill to toast em more or even a fireplace...durpa dont just burn it in the parking lot of an apartment complex...unless...nevermind haha
lol sell it. easily the quickest and easiest method to get rid of a plant and never hear about it again
cut em down build a camp fire and burn em some pine needles and some oak or something get you good hot fire and sit around it maybe you'll even get high who knows
:hmmmm: My first thought was .....What the hell is wrong with her ! ..........:hmmmm: Then I figured .......They're hers .....she can do what she wants with them ........:hmmmm: But I'm really leaning toward the "What the hell " side now . :smokin:
I think Miss Indica was smoking something other than MJ when she asked such a silly question. It doesn't really make any sense. "How can I kill my pot plants?" ummmmm...cut em down and burn em in a garbage can with gasoline maybe? Anyway, I don't even understand the question. Did her probation officer find them and give her an ultimatum after she refused to throw rings onto his cone or did she agree to the ring toss and then he said "get rid of them?" anyone else?
If I was in your position, I'd be gutted if I had to kill any of my plants, more so if they were my 5 baby's! I'd be giving them away to people who would either look after them for you or I'd be giving them to someone who could make use of them... Good luck in your quest, but I think you'll be dissapointed!
unless you pour like acid over them, and even then might take a tad bit more than 2 hours.

I would think base (high pH) would be more effective than acid. For one bleach (pH 12.6) is cheap and readilly available or lye pH 13+, whereas pH 1 or 2 acids are less easy to come by (maybe cement cleaner from home depot has pH2)

Good luck
orrr maybe its someone on her account who found her plants and wants to teach her a lesson... or maybe shes tryign to teach someone a lesson... or maybe.. who f-in knows... will you please put all of our questions to rest and tell us why the hell you would wanna just kill em? lol
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