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How to make Egyptian Kyphi

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Scientists claim they have reproduced the formula for Egyptian Kyphi:

A recipe for kyphi can be found in Plutarch, _DIO_, 80 where it is described as a mixture of 16 ingredients, not 10 as mentioned in the link. The 16 ingredients are: honey, wine, raisins, cyperus, resin, myrrh, asphalathus, seselis, mastich, bitumen, rush, sorrel, the larger and smaller junipers, cardamum, and calamus. The French scientists mention numerous ingredients including pistachios, mint, cinnamon, incense, juniper and myrrh. The scientists say cannabis is one of the ingredients. I wonder which one?
Galen described kyphi as having 16 ingredients, but the Dioscorides used ten ingredients. Kyphi is mentioned in the Ebers papyrus with ten ingredients given (honey and wine are omitted).

Plutarch says it gave forth a 'sweet emanation and beneficient exhalation', but the scientists claim it is very pungent. Plutarch said the Egyptians used it as a salve and potion, using it internally as a medicine. They burned it at night as well since it induced sleep and brightened dreams 'like a mirror'. So kyphi had a double use: as incense and as medicine.

In the Loeb edition _Manetho_, translated by WG Waddell, some identifications of the ingredients of kyphi are provided. Asphalathus is identified as Calycotome villosa; cardamum is Elettaria cardamomum. Seselis is hartwort. The junipers are arceuthids. Where is cannabis?

I for one cannot find a kyphi recipe With Cannabis however the above is part of the scientific controversy still alive & rumbling,did they use cannabis?
If we consider the history of cannabis in other parts of the world there are good reasons & similarities in worship to suggest such.
we know of Kalahari bushmen using its stalk as a rope fiber,basket weaving & netting its seeds for food its roots for medicine & its flowers for food,medicine & spiritual exploration.
Shaymen experimented altered states of consciousness using methods to shift awareness also fasting,sleep
deprivation,prayer,drumming,dancing & self mutilation.All slowly developing into intricate "majical ceremonies" transcending some to a near demi godd/dess status.
Another ancient method of injesting cannabis was by drinking "Bhong"of the crushed flowers,milk,honey,pepper & seeds.
Also called Soma & Hoama.
Whilst under heavy usage an initiate appears dead with shallow breath,minimal pulse & no body movement.This 3 day experience resembled death,rebirth & transformation.
Our University Professor also thought that it was given mention in the Ebers "medical"papyrus.
As you say Herotodus does seem to be describing an intoxicant & mentions certainly ritual & recreational use by the scythians 430 bc.
Jumping forward to today it is used for many conditions,narcolepsy,Tourettes syndrome,Glaucoma & many more for it has remarkably limited toxicity against other conventional medicines.In 1982 Dr Svelta Balabanova a forensic toxologist at the institute of forensic medicine at U/M retested deep intestinal tissue samples from the mummy of Ramses 11 & discovered the presence of Cannabis,Coca & Tobacco*(none known to be native or grown in Egypt)laid down in the body like rings on a tree.
Even though she was very respected her findings came under fire even with the surgical & gas chromatography results.
Rosalie David curator of Egyptology at Manchester museum had her own doubts about the analysis but became personally convinced after her own personal research.She has since cited that a number of samples 46 in all show usage of Lotus,Mandrake,CannabisE & a strong suggestion of opiumE.
Science has to disprove these drug reports or failing that will have to accomodate these facts in the trade of such at the time.

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Whilst under heavy usage an initiate appears dead with shallow breath, minimal pulse & no body movement.This 3 day experience resembled death, rebirth & transformation.
Doesn't this sound so restful?! I would love to try it.


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I've been there on extra strong edibles, eating one too many pastries:33:

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I love edibles. They change your perception of pain and reality.
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