How to Preserve Clippings?


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When saving clippings from pruning or from male leaves to make hash, tea or to cook with... whats the best way to preserve them? In an air tight jar or in the freezer? I was gonna throw em in mason jars, but with the moisture within fresh clipped greenery, I thought mold might be an issue
I always use the trmup so I never store it. It becomes other products like butter or hash. Sometimes oil but I prefer to use bud to make oil.

Yeah, I do wanna make hash, butter AND oil eventually...My friend is supposed to show me whats up with the butane and stuff to make oil..but he's slackin on his teachin..

Do have a tried and true simple method you wouldnt mind sharing, Urdedpal?

Also, whats a realistic amount of scraps needed to produce hash...

Like roughly how much would be needed to make a few grams? I've read and copied a few hash making guides, and have a video, but none really give you an minimal amount.
I use a nylon net laundry bag hung in a dry place preferably dark, after several weeks I pop em in the ole honey oil machine and viole HHHMMMMMM........ wait wher ewas I, oh you get the point I just got hungry for honey:smokin:
can I make cannabutter, brownies, tea, etc. just from the clippings?
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