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How To Put A Link To Your Grow In Your Sig


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Looking at the start of this thread, hey Man I had alot of troubles getting it figgured out. But whatever works and you might have hit the right note for someone else having problems. Keepem Green

Fluffy Haze

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thank you thank you thank you....from a definite numpty who couldn't work out how to do this before!

420 Girl

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Hi crashnfool ,

This tutorial looks like it may be a bit out of date.

Check out our updated tutorial here: How to Add Links to Signatures

If you're still running into issues or have questions, just send me a pm and I'll walk you through it.



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Was really high the first time I tried. Works a treat on a clear mind.

Great thread...



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Hi too old! I may be able to help with this one? Keeping it simple, the url is the internet address or link address. When editing the signature, there is a picture of a globe on the 2nd row of the edit signature box. if you put your mouse on it, it should say "link" (the globe next to it is for "unlink.... we won't worry about that now). :) What you need to do is copy the url that you want in your signature and then when you click on the link globe, a box will pop up that says "link".... paste the url to that box and then you can hit the preview button to check it out. If it's how you want it.... click "save signature"... and you should be done! Simple right?? lol
If this isn't working out for you, feel free to private message me and I'll be happy to help! Good luck. :peace:
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