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How to quicken plant growth


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Hello all

I started my first indoor grow op almost a month ago, and have been annoyed by how slow the plant is growing.
I realise growing is a patient sport, however, I cannot help but think that my plant could be growing a hell of a lot faster. Especially since in my outdoor grow, I forgot about it 3 months later it blossomed into a marvellous tree
After a month it has only started growing it's 4th node, with node spacing of 5mm.
IT LOOKS HEALTHY, and has quite a strong stem.

It has been through a rough patch in it's initial 2 weeks, being left outside in its little pot of soil receiving as little as a few hours of direct sunlight daily.
It's health started to deteriorate even after moving it under the MH light so, even though it was still small (on it's 2nd node); we moved it into a 10 gallon pot and only watered it when the soil was dry a few inches down.
It's health picked up and leaves stopped drooping.

I am using a soil/ compost medium (from 15 YO quality home-made compost, used it for herbs and veges and they absolutely bloom!) with scatterings of chicken-shit in it
400w metal halide lamp w/ 400w ballast.
Being grown in an approx 140cm/ 60cm built in closet (with white walls)
Ventilation is currently just the gaps in the closet (the door is ajar from the light wire) and opening the closet door as it is my wardrobe. Will invest when money is available
Nutes are currently well balanced, long life tomato food granules used very occasionally (I'll get some proper nutes when the plant gets bigger)

So how do I boost the growth of my plant?
It's a worry since I'm dreading my next electricity bill and want to pump these out quick, as I have some real nice autoflowering seeds from Amsterdam I want growing in a working environment.

I'm new here, so if this is in the wrong forum, I apologise
Can provide pics if you fellas are interested

Much love and happy chooffing


Calyx Hunter

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I had this same issue with slow early growth. I attributed my initial slow growth to inadeqaute air flow. You need to get an oscillating fan so that the leaves get an occasional wind. You need to see your leaves kind of jiggle a little bit as the fan moves the air across them.

Suggestion #1 Get an oscillating fan and increase your airflow

What is the temperature like in there?

Do you let the soil dry out abit between waterings?


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I don't have a fan, but was planning to steal one in the next week from home since my family has an abundance. I know it's really important, although I didn't think that this was any concern with the rate of growth. (please correct me)
The temperature in my room is a steady 20 degrees C throughout the day and night, however the cupboard can become a sauna when it's closed and initially I figured it got too warm so I now leave the door slightly ajar.
I've always thought the problem could be stunted growth through it's initial 2 week torture.

Yes, I'm quite obedient with how I water it and let it get fully dry before the next water.

Thanks heaps for the response!



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After 2 and 4 weeks. The white stuff on the second pic is residue from nutes I mixed with water and didn't have declorinated water to wash it off.

I've taken your advice by closing my window as it's frikken freezing outside this time of year and turning my radiator timer on hour bursts every 3 hours.
I'll be sure to let you know if it picks up.

Also, could it be my soil not being loose enough? It seems to dry real hard.
Humidity where I am also doesn't go below 50, but i figure my radiator will suck some of that up.

Plant shortness (distance between nodes) is not a problem for me as I would prefer a small, bushy plant than a tall, stretching one. It just concerns me if there is something wrong with it.
I also want to top and scrog the plant if I can, but the slow growth is giving me a hard indication of when I should top.

I know I'm not going to get a perfect setup, but I want to eliminate the main problem before I move onto the other ones.

Really appreciate the advice, thanks



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Well just a quick glance of your photos I would suggest watering is an issue. When you water all the soil should be damp not just around the plant. Water slowly in stages and continue until water runs out the bottom of your pot. This will provide enough moisture for your roots to grow larger, and a robust root system leads to a healthier and larger plant.
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