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How to roll a blunt


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Re: How to roll a blunt.

Notice the cigar paper SEPERATED after he "cracked" it. To make the paper ONE again, simply completely remove the 2 or 3 "triangles". Now, flatten the rectangle paper on a flat surface. One at a time take each "triangle", lightly lick it like a POSTAGE STAMP and lay wet side down, MATCHING each "triangle" back to the original rectangle paper. Now, at 1:52min, he is accually FORMING the broken down product. it should stay relatively shaped. think of forming a marijuana "fuse-rope" that has a paper tube around it. Blunt paper (unless using a wrap) is very durable to fingers and should not be moistened until ready to form or seal. Dont fold too tight. You want the smoke to travel freely from one end to the next. Blunt rolling-like riding a bike, gets better the more you do it. No blunt is ever rolled the same yet simular. In my opinion: you have successfully rolled the blunt if you light it, pull it, and the smoke travels to the other side with ease an no leaks. Happy smokin:rasta:
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