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How To Roll A Tulip Joint


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How To Roll A Tulip Joint - PICS -

Ok some people asked me on my picture thread on how to roll this joint so i put up this tutorial. i hope this helps some people roll this. they way ill show you is very easy even if your not the best at rolling. this joint hits hard but takes alot of weed so im going to be using some tabacco i have from gutting blunts just to show you how its done. lets begin.

1. start off with 4 zigzag orange 1 1/4 paper

2. put 2 of the together legnth ways and seal do the same for both let them dry

3. put one of your square's gum edge under the others side and seal let dry

4. fold it over to make a 1 square

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5. the gum is left exposed on top fold it over the other paper to seal


6. you will be left with a pocket

7. fill the pocket with weed (in my case tabacco)



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8. make a stem/ roach you can use a joint but im using a piece of card for the people who cant roll joints


9. you will need another paper to wrap and seal the tube

10. now put the stem in the middle of the pocket

11. push the rest of the paper up and hold with fingers (i cut a little to make this easyer)


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12. tie it with string to seal i usally use the gum of a zag cut off and seal if i use a joint

13.push the "leaves" up over the "bulb" and you are done and ready to enjoy


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I've always wanted to know how to roll one of those, thanks a lot for the write up. Out of curiosity, could you subsitutue 2 1.5 width papers for the 4 1.25s? Also, how far into the weed should you push the stem, just enough to seal around the edge, or almost to the bottom of the envelope? If you have any other unique Js, post some more instructions! peace


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yea i guess you can substitute all you want is a square you can seal and make the pocket. ill post more rolling tutorials with different joints. also the stem should just be on top of the weed not all that much into it if you are using a joint as a stem go ahead and put it as deep as you want.


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Alright, my friends and I rolled our first Tulip Joint this morning just after 4:20. We stuck the stem in a little too far and had to break the jay up after the cherry burned down to the index card. The thing was smoking awesome until we hit the index card so the next time we'll have it perfected. It took us about an hour to prepare, but we were high as fuck and dog tired. Pictures have been uploaded and are waiting to be approved. peace outside


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how many grams do you think you would need cuz I really want to do that show up at a party with one of those they would be like what the fuck is that

I'm real fuckedu p to by the way so holler back at me


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Awesome jointmanship Smokey...


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god damn that looks nuts. on a scale of 1-10 how good is it. like if i have n 8th i wanna smoke shud i roll that or is it more like a onetime for the fun of it thing.
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