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How to start seeds off

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Big Up all 420 Crew! HIGH! I read most of the postings on seeds, but i still lost in the cloud. I need help to start a seed off. I heard about the paper towel method and that is about all they mention.
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Good Looking Out! I was really wondering how to do it. That "Paper Towel Method" sound like someone in desperation to start seeds. lol. But I ain't Madatcha.what I was going to do was practice with some of the "Extras" that are still arround. Until I got the grade seed that I wanted. That method is more my style.

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the paper towel does work tho. it's the cheapest method around tho. I'm one of those cheap fuckers that would rather use the paper towel, then spend money. :)
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Yeah bro! Shit, I understand. I don't want to spend spend money too. I still want a good plant the first time out. SEEN!
just put your seeds in a folded up paper towel AND KEEP IT MOIST FOR ATLEAST 3-4 DAYS or until it has about 1/2 - 1 inch stem sticking out of the seed, JUST KEEP IT MOIST AND WARM. mine grew in 1 day it grew very very fast. and it grew 2inches out of the dirt in 1 day. i dont know how that happened but damn that was fast.
the paper towel is the way to go. i always use a ziplock and a paper towel just put the seeds in between two paper towels then get them wet and put then in the "ziplock" bag.then keep them warm. i use compact fluoros and an aluminum balast to keep them warm!
This is what i love about this site everyone helps everyone out i learn alot people kick ass on this site. thanx Keep keeping it real
Good info.
started Candy Cane fem auto flowering in the water first in the dark warm place. And then to the paper towel and my damn dark area dried out the paper towel and I may have cook the seeds in water....ugh...starting with two more seeds in water and dark warm place. .ugh..I'll update on the first three seeds may make it.