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How to stop preflower and get back into veg stage?


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One thing you can do, which is very effective for "soft-bodied" insects that move from your plants to the soil and back, is to cover the top of your soil with a thin layer of food grade diatomaceous earth. It's basically a powder composed of micro-fossils, lol, that will slice up and dehydrate insects that crawl across it. Other than that, it's non-toxic to anything with a skeleton (people give it to their pets for parasite control).

Hmm. I wasn't know that thanks for advice. But when I give water what happens the thin soil? Do I need to add every time after watering? It looks very cheap I can do that.

To me, it looks like a moderate magnesium deficiency. You can add both calcium and magnesium (along with a small amount of nitrogen, generally) via one of the various "Ca + Mg" bottled supplement products, or you can add magnesium and some sulfur by mixing a little Epsom salt into your water. If your plants aren't lacking in calcium, I'd probably go with the Epsom salt (considerably cheaper, dry products don't expire if kept dry, and available in grocery stores and pharmacies instead of indoor grow shops ;) ).

Yes I think you're right. Currently I dont have spesific calcium or magnesium but looks like Micro have %2.4 calcium and %0.1 magnesium. %2.4 looks enough what do you think? (Keep in mind I didn't give anything about 1 month)
I just need to buy magnesium I think. How much should I give?



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Diatomaceous earth is pretty reasonable. I understand that such concepts are relative, though, so couldn't guess at how well it would fit into your budget (or if you even have one ;) ).

I'd try adding a teaspoon of Epsom salt to a gallon of water for the next two or three watering events, and see if this halts the progression of your issue. If it does, you could see about adding a smaller amount to your regular schedule.

Good luck with the issue and be sure to check the stickied deficiency/toxicity thread in our pests/problems/disease (whatever it's called) section. I could be mistaken in my diagnosis. . . .
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