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How to take a CCO capsule suppository


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Hi! I am new to the forum and I vam from India. My father has last stage colorectal cancer and is facing stringent bowel obstruction with massive pain after passing of stools. A doctor has advised us to give him CBD oil suppositries starting with 8-10 mg dose to be pushed anally. The difficulty is we can't find suppository disposables or molds in our city or even online. So now I considering using 00 gelatin capsules as I gathered education from this very blog.So, I have the following questions:
1. Do I need to add coconut oil (I only have that for now) in the 00 gelatin capsule or adding only CBD oil with 8-10 mg is enough?

2. If I need to add coconut oil then how much should I add in the 00 capsule?

3. Should the capsules be hard or soft gelatin?

4. We tried to insert a freezed cbd coconut oil of a 4mg dose but it felt as if there is no space in his anus to move it forward. What should we do here?

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